I've got to hand it to Paul Morten, this may be really fun to do. He came up with the idea of doing a comic strip with photo's. My first thought was, naturally, to get that towel back on Russell's head. So, I ordered the tranquilizer darts and was waiting patiently for the Fed-X guy to deliver. In the meantime, at Lisa's housewarming party, I looked across the room and saw a real adventure in the making so I got the camera ready and sure enough, was able to record history. Thanks Paul, I had more fun with this one and didn't have to sedate anyone. Who's going to do the next one?

The Adventures of GG!

Note: Liberties may or may not have been taken with actual occurances. The West Cherry Street Times, it's staff, family and friends may not be held liable just because I sometimes stretch the truth a little, maybe.

Great grandma Patsy (GG), Lisa, Christi and Eiland.