Culinary Delights...

Why would anyone drive to San Antonio to have Mexican Food?, (this word is always in capital letters in this publication!). Answered Paul Morton, "Why would anyone travel halfway around the world to find paradise when "The Magic Kingdom" is right here?" So, no more questions asked, we'll get right to the point. Paul says the "Rolando's" is another great place to find my favorite culinary delight. I had doubts, but when this picture and poem were received, I know that I'll be looking this place up the next time I'm in town.

The Quest For Paul Morton.

The quest for Rolandos ..... some thought ... a spoof,
but here'a a picture .... the sign ... the roof
and of course, the story, now there's the proof!

7am, we parked in the early light ...
Yup ... this is it ... looks right!
Warm smell of fajitas rising up through the air.

I pushed on the door .... it easily gave way ...
We said Mornin' ..... Rolando says "Hey".
Rolandos' daughter gave us a smile
Geez I thought .... love to taste her ... just for a while.

But we were wisked to a table ... where we could see.
Alex, please ..... chips, hot sauce and two ice teas!
Menus rejected with a wave of the hand,
Two cheese enchilada dinners ...... and hurry man!
The tea was a stirrin' .... the hot sauce a smokin'
Wow .... we were happy .... we had already Bin Tokin'!

Food arrived ... "plates are hot"! .. Ohhh man look at what we got!
So we scooped and shoveled, 'till each had done his part,
Knowing, later dodging the belches .... the gases .... the farts.
Paying our bill .... into the sunrise we went,
Holy Moly ... roll down the window!! .... open the vent!!

So if it's Tex-Mex your itchin .... this place is bitchin!