A few words from the Editor,

Ok, we're back. If you remember I stated in the last edition of "The West Cherry Street Times" that we would never be that late again, well, I lied. Yeah that's right, I lied. I didn't intend on lying, but I did. So, now that that's out of the way, Let's get started.

Can anyone, without looking, remember just what was in the last edition? here's a few reminders...

'Twas The Night Before Sunday by Sandra Nutting.
A 36 line poem describing the horror of a daring terrorist attack in 1993 in which a cowboy crashed a Suburban into the garage of "The West Cherry Street Times" intergallactic headquarters. No one was hurt or injured, but the trauma delayed the next edition for almost 9 years.

New Subscribers
Claude Holsapple and Jim Alexander were welcomed as they received their first issue. I REALLY hope they liked it, it had to last them for a while.

The Rockets Red Glare!
A gripping report on how Wes Alexander won the "Rocket Catching" contest by using his thighs. A record that still stands unchallenged since 1993.

The Magic Kingdom
Paul Morton's contribution to the "West Cherry Street Times National Meeting and Stress Seminar" in 1993. Even though "Playing Pirate" was received with less than enthusiastic response, Paul continues to work on perfecting the Kingdom's entertainment programs. He must be doing well, because after 9 years his trip to Brookhaven has not been cancelled. He's still on the waiting list.

The Monday Night Football Group had begun what was to be their last of 11 seasons and was one by yours truly. Cay Wall had found her niche in sports by betting on the dogs in Galveston. The "Death Penguins" were formed as Fantasy Football became popular and did well in their first year, thanks to Eddie Alexander's excellent draft consultation and the Ben E. Keith corporation's excellent distribution of Budweiser. The "Death Penguins" went to the playoffs in their first year.

Teri's Topics
Teri Rohm, before she had more last names than Cheri, previewed her article on whatever she wanted to talk about. We hope to have her back. If you don't see it soon, I'll publish her email address and we can all flame her until she does.

Food Fetishes
Due to the unique sense of humor of some of our readers, this topic will be discontinued in future issues.

"Buttface" News
Our most famous and popular monthly, whenever, column. I'll try to do one more, soon.

Lost and Found
If you kept up with all of the people who were moving, and to where, in the last few years, GET A LIFE! Or, I guess I could do an "Updates" section, but it would take three pages. What do you think? Want to find somebody? Keep those cards and letters comin'. We'll track 'em down.

Personality Profile
After doing our profile on KP. We followed up with a profile on Pat Alexander, (Hi mom!). Who's next?

Well, there it is, or was. A lot, and I do mean a lot, of changes have taken place since then. Keeping up with all of them is next to impossible. I'm looking forward to any contribution anyone would like to make, (see disclaimer in "Fame or Blame" section). It's for everyone to have a little fun. Note: The "Bad News" section will always be "Under Construction".