The Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo

The mothership "Cantina" glided into Fort Worth on Tuesday January 29 and proceeded to "Angelo's" to feast on world famous barbeque and large frosted mugs of beer. Several WCST executives, none of which will be named here, were rumored to have participated in the drinking of beer on the way as the "Cantina" is immune to certain legislative issues regarding open containers.

The procession continued to the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo for more beer and to see if KP really knew everyone there. Sure enough, we weren't there for five minutes when KP was striking up a conversation with Roy Cooper, the 1983 World Champion All-Around Cowboy. Also the 1976, 1980-83 World Champion Calf Roper, and the 1983 World Champion Steer Roper. Roy was also the first cowboy in PRCA history to make over 2 million dollars. OK, maybe Prather does know everybody. One of these days I'm going to take him to a "Creed" concert and see who he runs into there. The barns didn't smell too bad, the weather held up just fine, the beer was cold, (and expensive), and the rodeo was great. Although this reporter kept his eyes open, Blanton Dees was not to be seen this night. Teri Lou guided the "Cantina" back to it's berth in Desoto while the crew discussed the event and participated in the drinking of more beer. All in all the lesson of the night was that "Rodeo Cool" beer is much better than "No" beer.

Next years event will be booked soon so get your name to the editor to make sure your included.